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Direct Billing for Insurance Companies


In 2023, billing will be available for most insurance companies such as: Bluecross, Medavie Bluecross, Greenshield, Coughlin, Sirius Benefits, ContinYou (Johnston Group), & Maximum Benefit. If you do not see your insurance company listed here, please inquire about direct billing when you consult with your service provider. Discounted rates will be available for the time being until direct billing becomes available. 

**As a client, you are responsible for inquiring with your insurance company about what coverage you may have to ensure that you will be reimbursed for these services. If your insurance company does not cover your visits, you will be responsible for payment to your service provider. Credit card information will be stored in a secure system and it will not be charged without notice. Your card may be charged if your insurance does not pay for your visit in full when your service provider is direct billing on your behalf and you will be notified**

**Sliding scale can be considered during your initial consultation, please book a free consultation to discuss**

**To ensure best network connection, please use Google Chrome as your browser during our virtual appointments**

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